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Mama's Got Time
Therapy Fund

At a time in life where there are major changes effecting mental, physical, and financial priorities, the Mama's Got Time Therapy Fund provides financial assistance to postpartum women seeking mental health support nationally. 

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Mama's Got Time Therapy Fund recipients will have access to a list of mental health providers across the country providing high quality and competent services in perinatal mental health. Recipients can use a therapist of their choice if they agree to our voucher structure. With therapy sessions generally ranging from $80-200 we have selected a directory of therapists to increase the likelihood that participants are able to continue to financially afford therapy at the end of the Mama's Got Time Therapy Fund supported sessions. 

How to Apply

If you are a woman in postpartum, have ever experienced pregnancy, or are currently in fertility treatment and would like financial assistance seeking therapy please apply for our Therapy Fund using the button below. 

Applications open Fall 2023. 

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